The Reason Your Skin Loves Salt Water!

Posted by ecostinger on 26th Sep 2019

Does the ocean impact our skin?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your skin when you're out at the beach. Aside from getting a nice tan, you're skin actually changes when you enter salt water. So while you might think going for a dip in the ocean is solely for pleasure, there is actually more going on beneath the surface.

So let's take a look at exactly what happens when you go for a swim out in the open ocean.

What happens to your skin when exposed to ocean water?

When you go for a swim in the ocean, your skin will definitely undergo some changes. Salt water can actually be a blessing for skin, because it can help you remove toxins that are not ordinary removed on a daily basis. So while you might end up with funny looking fingers and toes if you stay in too long, you'll actually be giving your skin a natural wash. Salt water allows the skin to open up a bit more, which allows for a much deeper clean. It's all about your pores.

What benefits can salt water provide for your skin?

Now that know swimming in salt water is actually quite healthy for your skin, let's examine exactly what it can do for you.

Can it help acne?

If you're someone who suffers from acne, a dip in the ocean might actually be the best cure. When you're skin becomes exposed to salt water, your pores will begin to expand. This will allow the water to seep in, and actually remove toxins that may be causing you acne. This is a great free way to help ease the burden acne can be, and rid your body of clogged up pores.

What happens to the oil on my skin?

Skin, naturally, produces a type of oil on its surface. This oil comes about for numerous reasons, and is generally relatively normal in most people. The only issue with oily skin is that it can lead to blackheads, pimples, and other forms of irritation. Luckily, salt water will remove this layer of oil from your skin. When that layer of oil is removed, your skin will be able to breathe freely.

Does salt water also help dead skin?

If you're skin is peeling, or you suffer from quite a bit of dead skin, salt water might be a great way for you to receive a free skin cleanse. Salt water will actually remove most dead skin, and can end up reducing itches you may have in those areas.

Why is salt water such an effective skin cleanse?

Now that you've seen what salt water can do for you, you'll likely want to know how this all occurs. It is actually quite simple, and is due to the fact that salt water is rich in minerals like:

Potassium Sulfur Magnesium Salt

These minerals are all essential for your skin, and can help you keep your skin as clean as can be.

So while swimming in the ocean might seem like it is just for fun, there are more benefits than just a good time. Salt water can be great as a skin cleanser, and the best part is that it is free on a beach. If you're someone who is prone to things like irritation, acne, pimples, dead skin, or oily skin, you'll be pleased to know that simply jumping into the ocean can produce big time benefits for your skin.

If planning to spend long hours on the beach make sure you are well protected, full body swimsuits such as stinger suits and dive skins, allow the skin to get wet and reap the benefits of salt waters, while keeping your skin safe against the sun UV rays, also protecting it against Jellyfish and Sea Lice in open waters.