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Choosing the right full body bathing swimsuit!

Posted by ecostinger on 22nd Jul 2016

There is no denying the fact that choosing a swimsuit of any kind is a daunting task. Summer brings its own excitement, and all you want is to spend countless hours in the beach, but what to wear to a swimming session can be positively terrifying for some. The problem usually lies in the fact that swimwear can be at time exceedingly skimpy, and not everyone looks forward to displaying their bodies to the judgmental public. You may have flaws to cover and this is obviously particularly hard to do in a bikini.

Full body bathing suits are a more modest option for those who are not too comfortable with wearing scanty and revealing swimwear. Not only are they great for the more reserved people, but they are actually more comfortable to swim in. Sometimes, they are a requirement for those undertaking swimming classes, or participants in swimming competitions. But as with all things, choosing the right bathing swimsuit needs some tact. You have to choose a swimsuit that will flatter your figure, while playing eye tricks on people to hide your flaws. Here are some things to consider when choosing a bathing swimsuit.

Body Shape
Although people like to classify women’s bodies in terms of fruits, such as pear- shaped and banana-shaped, or even regular symmetrical shapes, like rectangles and triangles, it helps more to go by the features of your body that you want to flatter and the flaws you want to cover. After all, everyone is different, so it makes little sense to fit them all into few categories. You can choose a bath suit according to the size of your bust, your bottoms, and the proportionality of your features.

Chest Size
If you have a small chest size, then you need to wear a bathing swimsuit that creates an illusion of a larger bust. To achieve this effect, you should choose padded bathing swimsuits. They are great at increasing bust size. Alternatively, you can choose to split the attention of people between your bust and some other distraction, such as ruffles and embellishments. This should do the trick and boost your confidence as you walk to the beach or pool.

If you have a big bust, your greatest priority is to have a bathing swimsuit that will offer you great support. This will ensure that you are supremely comfortable as you go through the vigorous exercise of swimming. You should opt for suits with underwire as it enhances the support offered to your breasts.

If you wish to draw minimal attention to broad shoulders, you can use your neckline to your advantage. For example, you can choose one- piece bathing suits with V – necks or other asymmetrical necklines. The reasoning is that when eyes move vertically along the neckline, they tend to perceive your shoulders as more narrow than they really are. Buying swimsuits of one solid color can also help hide broad shoulders. However, if your shoulders are too narrow for your liking, you can buy swimsuits that have lines or patterns running across them. It gives the impression of broader shoulders.

The Bottom
If you have a large bottom, full length swimsuits are ideal for you as they cover more of your body, ensuring maximum comfort. You can also benefit from solid colors as less attention is drawn to your behind. If you have a small backside, bright colors and attractive patterns are your thing. They will draw attention to themselves, leaving your small behind out of the limelight, which is exactly where you want it to be.

Full length bathing swimsuits are ideal for professional swimmers for a number of reasons. For one thing, they provide the level of support that your body features need when you are swimming. This makes it easier to accomplish some swimming activities, such as aqua gym, swimming laps and swimming laps. Additionally, they help reduce resistance when you are swimming, which could give you just the leverage you need over your enemy.

When hunting for full length bathing suits, choose those that will fit comfortably, because very tight swimsuits can make it uncomfortable for you to swim. But be sure to keep in mind that after wearing your elastic swimsuit severally, it expands in order to fit you perfectly. By all means, avoid buying swimsuits that are larger than your size, as they may become dysfunctional after a while.

As you go to buy your swimsuit, these tips can help you a great deal. Once you get your perfect fit, go ahead and floss your beautiful body to everyone at the pool or beach.