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Posted by ecostinger on 29th Oct 2016

Besides proper breathing, the right environment is a major requirement for meditation. In order to stimulate and relax the brain, the area should be quiet with no distractions. An experienced person can have soft music playing in the background but as a starter, it is best to have a quiet and peaceful environment.

Sunset is a wonderful time to linger over the moments of the day that were great and prepare to embrace the darkness and softness of the night.

The physical benefits of sunset meditation

According to scientists, exposure to light triggers the release of serotonin, a hormone that is associated with mood boosting as well as helping one feel more focused and calm. Also, it triggers the brain to release another hormone known as melatonin that controls your daily sleep and wake cycle. Exposure to sunlight influences how much melatonin is made in the pineal gland every day.

Typically, the levels of melatonin begin to rise in the evening during sunset, they stay high throughout the night and then drop towards morning as the sun rises making you to wake up.

Without sufficient exposure to sunlight, the levels of serotonin can go low which is associated with high risk of SAD (Seasonal affective disorder), a form of depression triggered by changing seasons.

Spiritual benefits of sunset meditation and relaxation

Beyond the physical benefits of sunlight are spiritual benefits. In the teachings of esoteric mystery school, the sun manifests the spiritual sun that dwells within us and the best way to connect with our spiritual self is by meditating in the sun. The teachings instructs drinking the living light then imagining it flowing through the body organs to purify, strengthen and vivify them.

Fire blooming

Another esoteric mystery school teaching is fire blooming. This is where you face the sun as you meditate and raise your arms to form the Y position. This channels the radiance from the sun and your spiritual solar presence into the etheric body. It brings healing to the entire body and strengthens connection with the spiritual self.

Other benefits of sunset meditation and relaxation include:

It reminds you of the beauty in the world

Life is filled with awful things that we go through daily. This makes us to try and use every chance we get to remind ourselves there life still has some beauty that is worth fighting for. Sunset is one of those moments that you should enjoy.

It acts as an inspiration

Beauty improves not only your mood but also the overall look at life. More often than not are the times when a bad love life and job stresses us but sunset meditation helps to raise our morale leading to a more enjoyable life.

It helps to free the mind

People have the tendency of always thinking about things and watching the sun while it sets helps to shut down these thoughts. You will no longer worry about the future or even what happened in the past. You just enjoy the beautiful view and feel rejuvenated at the end of the meditation.

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