Women Sun Protection Swimwear Full Body Swimsuit

Sale 15% off and free shipping within USA on orders over $79. UPF50+ Italian made fabric, chlorine resistant, perfect body fit and soft on skin. Women sun protective swimwear style with built-in zip pocket on left arm and green contrast color stripes. Enjoy your day in the sun while skin is protected by UPF50+ fabric blocking over 97.5% of the sun uva and uvb radiation. Sunscreen on its own is not enough if spending long hours in the sun; Suit fit like a second skin and provide freedom of movements when swimming, surfing, light diving, sailing, wind surfing, jet skiing and all type of water sports. EcoStinger suit will give you a look like no other! so enjoy it in the sun. 

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women sun protection swimwear full body swimsuit

Why EcoStinger?

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UPF50+ block over 97.5% of the sun UVA and UVB radiation
Chlorine resistant and sea salt waters resistant, keeping fabric colors and elasticity
Perfect body fit fabric can conform to all body shapes
All way stretch, fabric can stretch in any direction which makes it very comfortable
Breathable allow sweat to be released keeping skin cool even in hot weather conditions
Shape retention due to fabric excellent stretch and recovery function
Italian made fabric ensuring high quality fiber and authentic materials
Light weight 170g/m2 which is lighter than most Lycra, Spandex, Elastane and Nylon swimwear fabric, yet more durable and better quality fiber.