How to pick the right full body swimsuit for your body type?

Posted by ecostinger on 22nd Jul 2016

Finding the right swimsuit can remove fear and frustration when you are doing swimsuit shopping. From the athletic body to the curvier frames, the best swimsuit can fit your body. Hence, making you feel great. The following tips will assist you when looking for a well fitting swimsuit for your body: 1. The body type should be identified While choosing the right swimsuit for your body, it is ver …
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Women UV Swimwear

Posted by ecostinger on 29th Sep 2014

Women UV Swimwear is now available in new color Black body panels, with Royal side panels and Lime stitch. This ladies UV swimsuit made from superb quality fabric, which provide highest uv protection ratings of UPF50+ blocking over 97.5% of the sun uva and uvb radiation. We strongly advise to read more information about the type of sun protection fabric and official ratings and terms used by …
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Women Sun Protection Swimwear Full Body Swimsuit

Posted by ecostinger on 28th Sep 2014

EcoStinger Women sun protective swimwear styles such as stinger suits, dive skins and full body coverup swimsuits protect your body, neck, arms and shoulders against the sun UV rays all day long. Enjoy your day in the sun while your skin is protected by UPF50+ fabric blocking over 97.5% of the sun uva and uvb radiation. Sunscreen on its own is not enough if spending long hours in the sun; S …
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