Hit the Beach – The Safer Way

Posted by ecostinger on 21st Jul 2015

In present times, water sports are not restricted to just swimming as other water sports like diving snorkelling, water polo, diving, water aerobics and many others have emerged as its adventurous alternatives. Summer is round the corner and beach sports are a fun way to relax. But, these recreational water sports come with a peril of exposure to harmful sun rays and chlorinated water. Do you want to enjoy a beach trip without worrying about these potential threats? If yes, here are some tips you should follow before hitting the beach for water fitness activities or beach fitness activities.

Adorn the Right Swimwear

Nowadays, a swimsuit demands versatility as rather than just covering up the body in a glamorous way it should be packed with performance benefits too. So, ride on the sea waves by wearing a high performance swimwear that saves your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Its fabric should provide better flexibility to ensure refreshed aqua trips. A good swimwear also protects you from sea threats like jellyfish, sea lice and many more.

Ditch the Sun’s Rays with a Sunscreen

Sun rays are strongest between 10 am to 3 pm. Try going for water sports or beach fitness activities before or after these hours. Do not forget to wear a good sunscreen to shield your skin from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Ensure that you use a sunscreen with minimum SPF 15 content. Re-apply after 2 hours if you stay outdoors for longer hours.

Eye Wear Is a Must

Keeping your eyes protected with eyewear is extremely essential while enjoying lap swimming or any other water fitness activity. Wearing a good eyewear sharpens your vision in water, thereby providing a hassle free hand-eye coordination. It helps the light rays to reach your eyes without disturbing your vision in any manner. Choosing a sun protective eyewear is always better. 

So next time, try these tips and enjoy a delightful and safe beach outing. Enjoyment at the beach is fun when you are comfortable and carefree; try this first and then you will surely agree with us!