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How Carers Can Ensure Their Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Posted by ecostinger on 8th Jan 2016

If you are a carer, you obviously spend most of your time focusing on other people. It even feels unnatural to think about your needs. However, it is important for you to also look after your body care wellbeing. Positive steps in this direction will help in avoiding physical and mental health issues. Furthermore, by feeling well, you will be better placed to provide enough support to others. Here are tips on how you can look after yourself:

Living Healthy

The nature of today’s world leaves us with no time to focus on ourselves. We should find time to look after our physical health. There are various ways we can achieve this. One great way is always to eat healthily. Do not forget to have regular meals that have plenty of vegetables and fruits. Plan your meals and prepare extra portions for when you won’t have time. For those who usually forget to eat, an alarm on the phone or a reminder on the fridge will solve this problem.

Rest is an important aspect of our life. Lack of adequate sleep makes it difficult for a person to cope with daily challenges. As a result, stress and depression can develop. There are numerous ways of how one can improve his sleep. One of them is having a change in sleeping patterns. For instance, you may find that sleeping for 4 hours twice is more satisfying than trying to sleep for 8 hours straight.

Regular physical activity is a superb way of getting you in excellent health. Exercises will not only provide good workout but also give you an opportunity to clear your head. In case you find it a struggle, attending a class will help you get there. Create time for exercising and incorporate it into your daily schedule.

Share with Someone Else

Having someone to share our feelings with can be an excellent therapy, especially if you are struggling to cope. Try to think of people in your life that you can depend on or turn to for support. It can be an understanding family member, or a caring friend.

Find a Relaxation Technique

Relaxation techniques help people to feel more rested. Through them, people are inclined to make time for themselves. Various easy-to-learn relaxation techniques exist such as Mindfulness, meditation and Yoga. The good thing is that they only take a few minutes from someone’s schedule. Search online for one of a class near you. If you cannot attend class, look for instructional websites and videos online.

Take a Break

Take regular breaks, especially if you worry about your mental health. This can help you to feel refreshed and give you a chance to deal with your mental issues. If worried that you may be unwell, taking a longer break is advisable.

Deciding on when to take the break may be quite difficult, especially when haunted by the guilt or worry of leaving the person that is in your care. You will feel more comfortable if you ensure that the individual you are caring for not only has all the support he might need but is also expecting your absence. Explain to them about your absence in good time and if necessary, arrange for a friend or family member to cover your responsibilities when you are away.

Have Time for Yourself

According to psychologists, spending quality time with family, friends or a partner can boost an individual’s confidence and also help him to stay positive. Make time for things that you find enjoyable such as going for a short walk or jogging. Pursue your hobbies and activities that give you a feeling of personal fulfillment.

Be Organized

Having control over your responsibilities is an excellent remedy for stress and anxiety. You can avoid feeling stressed by being organized. One way this can be achieved is by making a planner or schedule. Include key parts of your daily activities in your schedule such as cooking, bathing, and picking the kids from school. You can go an extra mile by writing shopping lists or keeping meal schedules. Another essential aspect of being organized is to keep important information or documents in a single place. All these are useful tools in keeping yourself cheerful and avoiding frustration.