Popular water sports for kids Canoeing

Posted by ecostinger on 8th Feb 2018

Among the various enjoyable and adventurous summer camp activities, canoeing is the most popular. Kids love to canoe, and it is the favorite summer camp activity for kids. The rewarding and exciting sport must be included within the itinerary of a summer camp program. Here you need to paddle and canoe a small craft all through the water. Weight loss, strength gain, and stress loss a …
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Type Of Beach & Water Sports

Posted by ecostinger on 9th Apr 2015

Sports is very important for human health. It is an activity involving physical effort and skill. It build our strength physically and mentally . “Healthy body, healthy mind”. Sports can take stress out and make us relax. There are several kinds of sports and according to studies outside activities can help the brain develops much faster. During summer we can benefit from the spor …
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Swimming And Water Sports Activities

Posted by ecostinger on 25th Dec 2014

Swimming is an extremely ancient sport which dates back to the pre-historic period. It has references since biblical times (2000 BC to be specific) as the most common recreational activity. Development of swimming as a competitive sport began around 1830s in England and has been the most fun experiencing event ever since. It’s extremely enjoyable and fun-filled sport activity and can also be …
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