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Type Of Beach & Water Sports

Posted by ecostinger on 9th Apr 2015

Sports is very important for human health. It is an activity involving physical effort and skill. It build our strength physically and mentally . “Healthy body, healthy mind”. Sports can take stress out and make us relax. There are several kinds of sports and according to studies outside activities can help the brain develops much faster.

During summer we can benefit from the sports that we can share with our families and friends on the beach and in the sea. We can have many choices all over the season. Some are on the water, others are in the water or under the water and some are on the beach.

Sports in water
Swimming, Diving, Modern pentathlon , Snorkeling, Synchronized diving, Synchronized swimming, Triathlon, Waboba, Water aerobics and water polo.

Sports on water
Barefoot skiing, Boating, Boat racing, Body boarding, Canoeing, Canoe polo, Dragon Boat Racing, fishing, Fly board, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Rafting, sailing and still much more.

Sports under water
Some of sports under water are all kinds of diving, under water photography, underwater target and shooting.

Sports on the beach
Basketball, tennis, soccer, rugby, golf, volleyball, polo, handball, beach flag, Matkot, biking and racing.

Any kind of these sports is healthful but need to be protected well from the sun and should take precautions because more that 90% of all skin cancer are associated with sun exposure. Wearing protective clothing with UV protection factor and using sunscreens with minimum 30 UPF and take a break in the shade to prevent your skin from burning. Spending a day on the beach doing sports and having fun without risking the skin life will be very joyful and healthy.

When enjoying your favorite sports on the beach always take precautions and avoid exposing your skin to the sun harmful UV A and UVB radiation. Wear sun protection swimwear and use sunscreen on exposed skin. Having fun on the beach can be safe and natural when wearing the right UV protective gear.

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