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How to protect against skin cancer?

Posted by ecostinger on 9th May 2016

Skin cancer is mainly caused by extreme exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, or even from indoor tanning. However, some people can contract the condition without necessarily being exposed to su … read more

Health Effects Of UV Radiation Exposure

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Aug 2014

Prolonged human exposure to solar UV radiation may result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye and immune system. Sunburn (erythema) is the best-known acute effect of excessiv … read more

Types Of Skin Cancer

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Aug 2014

There are many types of skin cancer: - Melanoma skin cancer that forms in skin cells that make pigment; - Basal cell skin cancer that forms in small, round cells in the base of the outer … read more