Coronado Central Beach - Coronado, California

Posted by ecostinger on 9th Apr 2015

Coronado name is derived from Spanish which means “the crowned one” and its also know “The Crown City”.Coronado Beach is a 1.5 mile long, wide sandy beach with a silvery sheen sand. The beach is very flat which is good for skim boarding, jogging and walking. The beach is very popular for swimmers, surfers, sunbathers and beachcombers. Most families arrive in the morning, carrying umbrellas, beach …
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Hazards On The Beach

Posted by ecostinger on 28th Feb 2015

Almost all people enjoy going to the beach especially during summer. They plan and pack their beach bag, sunscreens and protection swim wear but most forget about the hazards that can be encountered on the beach. It is important to know the beach environment and conditions well before heading to the beach location, and if there is any risk or danger due to natural or human factors, decidin …
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Oceans Around the World - Pacific Ocean

Posted by ecostinger on 15th Dec 2014

An ocean is a huge body of salt water that covers almost three fourths of the earth’s surface. 71% of the earth surface is covered by oceans which is good for plants, animals and especially for humans. There are five huge oceans around the world that are connected due to ocean current. These oceans are the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic oceans. Pacific Ocean: is the larges …
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Keeping Beaches Clean For Healthier Environment

Posted by ecostinger on 7th Oct 2014

Beaches can be a treasure to collect valuable and delightful things especially for people who likes to seek and search for provisions but some objects may be harmful and dangerous, example some sea creatures or human left over such as sharp objects or rusted metal, needles, etc…. But there are always exciting and unexpected sea items to find like mussels, fish, and caviar which is salted …
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