Swimming Hazards and Conditions

Posted by ecostinger on 12th Mar 2015

Swimming is one of the most activity all people enjoy but it might be a dangerous activity so it is important to prevent any risk and be aware of swimming conditions. To be safe on the beach start with checking the weather, wind speed, water temperature and especially the waves heights and currents. There are three levels of swimming hazard risk levels : Low, moderate and high. - A L …
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Hazards On The Beach

Posted by ecostinger on 28th Feb 2015

Almost all people enjoy going to the beach especially during summer. They plan and pack their beach bag, sunscreens and protection swim wear but most forget about the hazards that can be encountered on the beach. It is important to know the beach environment and conditions well before heading to the beach location, and if there is any risk or danger due to natural or human factors, decidin …
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Swimming And Water Sports Activities

Posted by ecostinger on 25th Dec 2014

Swimming is an extremely ancient sport which dates back to the pre-historic period. It has references since biblical times (2000 BC to be specific) as the most common recreational activity. Development of swimming as a competitive sport began around 1830s in England and has been the most fun experiencing event ever since. It’s extremely enjoyable and fun-filled sport activity and can also be …
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Oceans Around the World - Arctic Ocean

Posted by ecostinger on 15th Dec 2014

Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean which is located around the North Pole across the Arctic circle, it lies between Europe, Asia and North America and most of its waters are north of the Arctic Circle .   Most of the year it is covered by a drifting polar icepack and during summer much of the icepack melts followed by a continuous daylight with damp and foggy weather and you can re …
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