Sun Protection Swimwear

Posted by ecostinger on 11th Nov 2014

Wearing traditional swimsuits may not provide you with protection from the sun UVA and UVB radiation; For best sun protection cover, fabric should provide excellent uv protection and blocks >97.5% of the sun UV radiation. The highest rating is UPF50+, for more information visit ARPANSA, the Australian leading authority on UV radiation.

When shopping for sun protection swimwear consider the design and style, example full body swimsuits with long legs and sleeves will provide more skin protection, also high neck to protect the back of your neck is essential when spending long hours in the sun. Other designs include shorty styles which provide protection for core body parts and include short sleeves and legs for more flexibility, can also provide adequate UV protection, however it is recommended to apply sunscreen on exposed skin.

Traditional swimwear fabric is mainly made from Nylon, Spandex, Polyamide, Lycra or Elastane which can increase your body heat when in the sun. EcoStinger uses Italian made fabric developed from Polyester/PBT material that can be used for extreme sports activities and is perfect for swimming and chlorinated pools due to its superior fiber and elasticity. Fabric is light weight and breathable keeping your skin cool even in hot weather conditions. Colors do not fade and elasticity is retained even after so many uses. Traditional swimwear fabric tends to fade and loose elasticity when used few times. Ecostinger sun protection swimwear also protect against Jellyfish stingers and sea lice, keeping your skin protected in and out of the waters around the clock, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind and confidence.

The best way to enjoy your day in the sun is by ensuring your skin is well protected against the environment, this will give you the freedom to fully concentrate on doing your in and out of waters activities, remember to apply sunscreen on exposed skin every two hours, wear a wide brim sun hat and keep your feet protected against any hazards on the beach. 

Sunscreen on its own is not enough if spending long hours in the sun; wearing a sunsuit or a stinger suit that fit like a second skin will provide not only sun protection but also freedom of movements when enjoying your beach activities such swimming, surfing, light diving, sailing, wind surfing, jet skiing and all type of water sports. EcoStinger suit will give you a look like no other! so enjoy it in the sun.

Why EcoStinger?

- UPF50+ block over 97.5% of the sun UVA and UVB radiation
- Chlorine resistant and sea salt waters resistant, keeping fabric colors and elasticity
- Perfect body fit fabric can conform to all body shapes
- All way stretch, fabric can stretch in any direction which makes it very comfortable
- Breathable allow sweat to be released keeping skin cool even in hot weather conditions
- Shape retention due to fabric excellent stretch and recovery function
- Superior made fabric ensuring high quality fiber and authentic materials
- Light weight 170g/m2 which is lighter than most Lycra, Spandex, Elastane and Nylon swimwear fabric, yet more durable and better quality fiber.

Women Full Body UV Swimsuit